win81musicThe speed at which information travels on the Internet these days are just blazing fast – so much so that leaks are, well, leaked out from time to time, making their way around the Internet and allowing just about everyone to have a look at it before it is finally removed by the hardware manufacturer or software house involved, only for that to happen too late. Well, a bunch of screenshots have emerged recently, pointing to redesigns within key Windows 8.1 applications. The world was treated to changes in the Windows Store and Xbox Music, in addition to a slew of new apps such as a calendar, alarm clock, and voice recorder.

Apart from that, the recently leaked store design also showcased an application “shelf” that offered a whole lot more metadata upfront, where the new user interface would introduce additional text to the interface without compromising on Microsoft’s modern design. However, it seems to lack the close-feeling connection to the Windows Start screen which it carried previously. With the brand new Store interface, one will finally be treated to recommendations to similar apps depending on what you like to browse. Take for instance, if you are checking out the Xbox Music app, the store could very well cough up Pandora or Slacker Radio. Do you like what Microsoft has done in terms of style to the upcoming Windows 8.1 update?

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