Yahoo announced today that Yahoo News now has a new design that’s going to make the service more intuitive, personal and modern. Yahoo says that this new design will look familiar to users because it has taken elements from other services, this has been done to create a consistent design feel across Yahoo’s various services.

So how does Yahoo News get “personal” now? Basically they’ve engineered it to word around the user’s interests and preferences. The news stream can now be customized, so users can select what content they want to see. The service will get smarter over time as users continue to use the service while signed in with their Yahoo ID. They’ve also worked on speed, articles now load faster than ever before. Its also more intuitive, putting news right up front in the content stream. Navigation categories like Politics, Technology and Science is now easier, and so is finding original and partner content. Those who visit Yahoo News through iOS devices will also find an improved design which will soon be available for Android users as well. Yahoo says that over the next couple of days, users in the U.S. will begin to experience the redesigned Yahoo News.

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