zte-open-fccRight now, most folks out there would be juggling between iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and of course, BlackBerry as the mobile operating systems of choice, although there are some of the more queer ones such as Tizen from Samsung, and one of the more recent players, the Firefox OS. Having said that, the ZTE Open will be one of the first few Firefox OS-powered devices to arrive, and it has already hit the FCC at the moment.

Originally announced at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in February, the ZTE Open seem to be rather underpowered when you compare it to an Android-powered handset, although there is still hope yet when you consider how some of the lower end hardware on platforms such as Windows Phone are able to exceed user expectations – at least from certain aspects, delivering as and when required. The ZTE Open will be on sale first in Europe and Latin America regions, so it is no surprise that the hardware does not come with any US-specific focus. Not only that, there is also 3G support built in for AT&T’s bands, although it would lack AWS for T-Mobile, and neither does it have any LTE capabilities. Who knows, we could very well see a US release eventually.

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