ouya-console-underperformsWith the Ouya console being powered by Android, it means that developers who create games for the Android operating system on mobile devices could technically develop games for the console as well, and since mobile games come in free and paid versions, it is not surprising that Ouya gamers have those options as well, and it seems that not many Ouya gamers have decided to embrace paid games just yet. According to Ouya’s CEO, Julie Uhrman, they found that only 27% of its owners have actually paid for games, meaning that a good 73% of Ouya’s player base have yet to purchase a game, instead resorting to free games.

However given that the console is still fairly new, Uhrman actually sees those numbers as a good sign, claiming that monetization on the Ouya was better than they had expected, and that considering consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox from Sony and Microsoft took decades to get to where they are now, Ouya is definitely in a good place.  Uhrman also goes on to state that she believes by the end of the year, there will be developers who will be raking in millions on the Ouya console. Ouya console gamers, what do you guys think? Does the console have the potential to help developers go on and make millions?

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