plastic-iphone-volume-buttonsWe had earlier seen some alleged leaked photos of the upcoming budget iPhone, showing off its plastic body in all of its colorful glory. Now thanks to a tweeted photo from @BenjaminTech (via @gene1174), we now have additional photos of the budget iPhone’s components, this time showing the volume rocker and mute switch in a variety of colors as well. While the lighting makes it a bit hard to tell, the color more or less seems to be in line with the earlier leaked backplates, suggesting that they could be from the same manufacturer. Of course it is entirely possible that these are fake components, especially since they don’t appear to be too complicated to make and just about any manufacturer could probably produce them if they wanted. However with the rumors suggesting that the budget iPhone could feature a plastic body as a means to keep its price down, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true, although from what we can see we can’t say we’re liking it especially since they seem very “toy-like”, as opposed to a phone someone would pay good money to own.

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