BlackBerry fans had their hopes pinned on BlackBerry 10, the company’s latest platform that was supposed to be the building block of its turnaround. Over the last few months analysts had estimated that BlackBerry’s new devices were selling considerably better, thus building up investor confidence in the company. Last week then the company announced its quarterly fiscal results, and missed all analysts’ estimates, its stock plunged by more than 25 percent. Analysts are now terming its new devices as flops, one even believes that their new platform is ‘irrelevant’ in today’s market.

Benedict Evans, an analyst at Enders Analysis, said that there wasn’t enough reason for developers to concern themselves with BlackBerry 10 because sales were low. Despite saying that there was nothing wrong with BlackBerry 10, Evans believes that the platform is irrelevant because developers find more value in making apps for iOS and Android, platforms that have over 400 million and 800 million devices running around the world. That statement is true to an extent, even the company knows that, it has used a variety of methods to get developers to make apps for BlackBerry 10. On the other hand, former Apple CEO John Sculley is of the view that BlackBerry should give up making hardware altogether if it wants to survive. Meanwhile, the company says it will release multiple devices this year.

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