We’ve already heard reports of Apple CEO Tim Cook heading over to China earlier this week for a series of meetings. Local reports claimed that he had met with China Telecom, which has been an Apple partner in the country for quite some time. China Mobile is the biggest mobile network in the world based on its sheer number of subscribers, 715 million to be precise, and yet it doesn’t officially carry Apple’s devices. The carrier has confirmed that its chairman had a meeting with Apple CEO, and that both of them discussed “matters of cooperation.”

The statement, provided to Reuters, doesn’t reveal the agenda of this meeting. A deal between China Mobile and Apple has been rumored for quite some time. Apple would obviously benefit if China Mobile started carrying its devices, such a deal would help the company grow the dominance of iPhones and iPads in China. It is believed that Tim Cook is mustering up support in China ahead of the expected launch of two new iPhones in September. Surely customers in China would be clamoring to get their hands on a new Apple smartphone, the only question that remains, is exactly when or if their particular carrier would start selling it to them.

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