lawsuit-motorola-appleWhen it comes to Apple as a company (and not as a fruit), you can say that they have their fair share of defenders as well as detractors. So, the stock does not look as though it is going to break the magical $1,000 barrier anytime soon although it did look like doing so in the past, and with opinion of this company causing even close friends and family members to have a wedge driven between them, here is some more fodder for your consideration. It seems that Apple has been accused of forcing customers to fork out for High Definition videos which were subsequently downloaded to users’ iPhones, never mind that their iPhone model was an older version which is incapable of supporting the newer and higher resolution content.

The court filing saw a certain Scott J. Weiselberg seek a class action lawsuit against Apple, and wants Apple to refund the $1 per download surcharge which according to him, was illegally applied to the bills. Apple did offer users the option to purchase a standard resolution video file in the past, but the year 2010 saw an update that removed this option from the iTunes software. Hence, you might receive a standard resolution video despite being billed for a High Definition video.

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