diablo-3-ps3-xbox-360-september-3Blizzard made the headlines earlier this year when they unveiled that Diablo 3 would be making its way onto consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3. It certainly is good news for PlayStation 3 gamers who don’t mind playing the game on their consoles, rather than their PCs, but what about PS3 gamers who want to upgrade to the PS4? Does that mean they have to keep plugging their PS3 in when they want to fire up a game of Diablo 3? Or will Blizzard release a PS4 version of the game as well? The bad news is that if you are planning to get Diablo 3 and the PS4, you should probably not sell off your PS3 console yet.

According to Blizzard, they have confirmed (via DiabloFans) that Diablo 3 for console will not be a next-gen game, at least for now, and will not be available for the PlayStation 4 at the console’s launch. According to them, they have only received the necessary hardware required for them to develop the game for next-gen consoles, so if they were to release Diablo 3 for next-gen consoles, expect it only to arrive in 2014. Blizzard has also confirmed in the interview that there are no plans to bring Diablo 3 onto mobile devices.

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