All of you with wives and girlfriends, it is that time in your life where you put on hold all of those date nights and social activities. Let your other half know that Dota 2 is finally out of beta, and has entered into its official launch – somewhat. Why did we use “somewhat”? Well, Valve themselves do not have that kind of confidence level in their servers being able to handle the surefire stampede of gamers when they make Dota 2 accessible to everyone all at once. Instead, Valve decided to take the safer route by giving you a button to click, letting you join the “Launch Queue.”

From one queue to another, it seems that now is the right time to participate in the launch queue instead. There is a fair number of differences between beta and launch, however, where your beta invitations which could be shared among friends and family are now no longer available, and you are also unable to purchase instant access to the game. I guess this move by Valve would teach us to be more patient, and Valve has shared, “New players will be added in batches. We will start letting people in and monitor how the entire system reacts, and make sure that we aren’t disrupting the entire community. Our goal is to get people in as quickly as possible.” You can join the queue here.

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