One of the things that Facebook continuously needs to do is to figure out how it can increase ad revenue. According to a new report by AllThingsD, the world’s biggest social network is testing a new system that will bring mobile game ads to the notifications menu.The ads, which will appear as mobile game suggestions, will be listed alongside various other notifications, such as likes and comments. Facebook hasn’t confirmed if it ultimately plans on implementing this system, for all we know, it might never exit the test phase.

The report says that these mobile game ads will be tailored on the user’s existing game play. So if you don’t play any games on Facebook, it is highly likely that you won’t be shown these ads. Those who do play games on Facebook will see these ads as suggestions of similar games, obviously game developers will be paying to get their games featured in notification menus. It remains unclear if users will be allowed to opt out of these ads even if they like to play games on the network. Facebook has been quoted in the report as saying that this test is just one part of a distribution test they are running for game developers.[Image via AllThingsD]

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