fujitsu-lifebook-ah78How does one notebook manufacturer differentiate their device from their rivals? Well, one of the methods would include throwing in all the best hardware combination possible, while keeping your fingers crossed that nobody else will be able to come close to you, or at least falter in their marketing campaign even if the notebook released was of an equivalent performer, or better. Fujitsu decided to take the road less traveled with the Fujitsu Lifebook AH78 concept, where this notebook supposedly cleans and purifies its surrounding air in an active manner when it is turned on.

Touted to be the first notebook in the world that will include a “nanoe” air purification unit, it is said to be able to filter tobacco odor, pollen, and fungi from the air. So far, Fujitsu claimed that when they were testing the Lifebook AH78 internally, it managed to achieve a 99% reduction in airborne odors and allergens. Of course, such a notebook has not hit the market just yet, as there is still some ways to go, but at the very least, this is a start, don’t you think so?

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