Managing your smartphone’s battery is something most heavy users tend to do as leaving several applications draining your battery while they run in the background isn’t as fun as it sounds, especially if you won’t be able to recharge your device for hours. We’re sure you already have your app of choice that helps extend your battery, but this might be one battery extender application you’ll want to check out if you consider yourself to be a real creep.


The battery extending application is called Skirt-Rolling-Up, Battery-Extending “Magic Girl Sakura” and allows users to clear their Android device’s memory, enabling / disabling power-saving features and uninstalling memory-hogging applications. The application will greet you in a maid cafe sort of way as the girl will say, “Hello, master! Hows’ your smartphone battery today?” You can select one of the three options, with the clearing memory option being the most creepy.

When you select to clear your Android device’s memory, the girl will first sigh at you, then will ultimately allow you pull up the girl’s skirt up, which would reveal her underpants. You’ll then need to pull her skirt back down in order to successfully some of your device’s memory.

If you happen to understand Japanese and want to give the app a go, you can head over to the Android Play Store where you can check it out for yourself. For research purposes, of course, especially since the app is sitting at a 4.4 star rating.

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