lenovo-stopLenovo is one of the few hardware manufacturers out there that actually back the Windows RT operating system, where they have rolled out the ARM-based Yoga 11 notebook last year. I guess life must have been pretty lonely for the Lenovo Yoga 11, since it looks as though Lenovo is all set to phase out its solitary Windows RT product, as it is no longer listed as for sale on Lenovo’s very own website. Yes sir, if you were to check out Lenovo’s listing for the Yoga 11 on its online store, you will be met with this message, “This product is no longer available for purchase on lenovo.com.”

The thing is, it does mention that you might still be able to get your hands on the Lenovo Yoga 11 on other retail websites, so this is different from a complete cease and desist. Perhaps it is a case of ensuring that the Yoga 11’s existing inventory will be run down in due time, without any new models rolling off the production line? That might be a very possible explanation, and if it were to be the case, you can be sure that we can see firesales of the Yoga 11 happening down the road, although as to how soon that will happen, it remains to be seen.

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