The concept of carrying around dual SIM phones isn’t that widespread in the West, many would just resort to carrying around two different devices. Though there are certain markets where users prefer phones that are capable of running multiple SIMs at once. We’ve seen dual SIM variants of premium devices as well, such as the HTC One, that particular variant is exclusive to China. It was announced today that MediaTek and LG are now joining forces to develop the world’s first triple-SIM 3G smartphones.

These smartphones will be capable of running three SIMs at once, they will all be able to make and receive calls as well as text messages, transmit data and remain concurrently in standby mode without draining the battery. This could be a tall claim though, a triple-SIM smartphone will definitely be tough on its battery. LG will be releasing triple-SIM smartphones powered by MediaTek’s technology in the near future, MediaTek says that the technology will be provided to other manufacturers as well. It goes without saying that these smartphones will be focused primarily towards markets where consumers are most likely to buy devices that can run multiple SIMs simultaneously.

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