low_cost_iphone_render_whiteThe other day we managed to catch a glimpse at the rear panel of Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone offering. Unfortunately the photo was not the clearest, and since the rear panel appears to have been taken off the assembly line, it was not the cleanest either. While the validity of the photos are still questionable, the folks at MacRumors have taken it upon themselves to create high-resolution renderings of the device, giving us a clearer look at what could be the final product. Based on the renderings, the phone does not look half bad. In fact it looks very promising and does not give off that “cheap” vibe which we saw in the leaked photos. The renderings are based on what is currently known about the device, such as its plastic body, a slightly thicker frame, and the fact that it is slightly taller and wider due to its use of a thicker plastic shell. There’s no telling if this is an accurate representation of what the low-cost iPhone could look like, but for now we have to say it looks pretty good! What do you guys think?

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