android-megaAt the beginning of this year, the spiritual successor to Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload, simply known as Mega, was unveiled to the masses. Of course, it has taken more than half a year for the cloud storage service that is based in New Zealand to have an official presence on the Android platform as you can now download the official Mega app from Google Play.

Kim Dotcom is also pleased to announce that an iOS app is also in the pipeline, where that will be accompanied by a Windows sync client that so happens to be in the final stages of development. It remains to be seen what kind of features that both will arrive with, and neither do we know the exact release dates, but this is where your virtue of patience comes in handy. As for the Mega app for Android, the list of features have proved to be pretty decent so far, allowing you to browse your Mega storage account, achieve fast uploading and downloading of files from your Android device, the ability to upload your photos and videos to Mega automatically via Camera Sync, looking up files within your Mega account, creating public link to files in your Mega account, among others.

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