xboxone-whois-600x521The idea behind domain name squatting is so that companies or individuals who wish to acquire the domain for a product launch will be forced to pay an obscene amount of money for it. Some companies, such as Nintendo and Microsoft have decided not to do that and have gone through the courts in an attempt to get the domain names transferred to them without having to be forced to pay a “ransom” in exchange for the name, and while Nintendo has failed to acquire the domain name, it looks like Microsoft has been successful in retrieving their and domain names, thanks to a report by Fusible.

Microsoft filed a dispute back in May with the National Arbitration Forum and thanks to Microsoft’s group of lawyers, The Richard Law Group, it seems that they were successful as both domains have changed registrants to Microsoft as pictured above in the screenshot. In fact it seems that this victory of Microsoft’s makes them the first company that has managed to secure a domain name that matches the name of their next-gen console. Nintendo is still trying to get their domain, and Sony does not appear to have any interest (or have not stated publically) in getting the which is owned by someone else.

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