moto-x-case-backIt was a couple of days ago that we managed to get a sneak peek at the Motorola Moto X smartphone which was apparently caught in view while being used by Google’s Eric Schmidt. One of the highlights of the Moto X would be its customizability which would allow for personalization of how the phone looks, rather than hardware customization which is more common when shopping for computers, not smartphones. However according to a recent post by Taylor Wimberly, it seems that the customizability of the Moto X could extend beyond mere colors and engravings, but instead allow users to choose different types of materials that will be used for the phone’s back plate.

While plastic is said to be the default material of choice when the phone is launch, Motorola is expected to make additional materials such as metals, ceramics, and even fabrics an option once the phone becomes available after the 23rd of August launch. Wimberly also goes on to report that AT&T will also be getting some sort of exclusive feature for the phone, although we’re not sure whether we’re talking about specific color designs, or if it will be software-related. In any case what do you guys think? Would you love to pick up a Moto X in wood/ceramics/metals?

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