MotoX-512x460We’re sure many are wondering what they might expect from the upcoming Moto X smartphone by Motorola, such as its specs, features, availability, and of course its price. Now thanks to a new rumor, it seems that as far as price is concerned, the Moto X is expected to be cheaper than the Nexus 4, with the 16GB Moto X device being priced similarly to the 8GB Nexus 4, both off-contract, of course. The device is expected to cost users a mere $299 off-contract for the 16GB model, and for those who want the 32GB model, expect to pay a slightly more expensive $349, which to be honest isn’t too bad for an off-contract device.

Of course the leaked specs have shown that the Moto X will not be your high-end smartphone, with its key features being in its customizability rather than its hardware, so assuming the rumors are true, it is understandable how Motorola and Google are able to keep the price of the handset down. It is also interesting that it will be cheaper than the Nexus 4 since the Nexus 4 is a Google device meant to be an affordable solution for those who want a stock Android experience. In any case we guess we will have to wait until the 1st of August to find out all the details, but in the meantime what do you think? Would you pay $299 for a smartphone with the rumored specs of the Moto X?

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