As a person who was once a dog owner, there’s nothing more annoying than bundling yourself up for a long night of doing nothing to only have your pet give you obvious hints they want to go out to do their business. Some households install a pet door that would allow their pets to leave and enter their home with ease, but one dog owner has rigged a Raspberry Pi to automatically unlock a door when it hears his dog bark.

David Hunt is the man behind the hack, which he calls the Pi-Rex, by using the Raspberry Pi ,a motor driver PCB circuit and a noise detector circuit. Once his contraption detects his dog’s bark, it then proceeds to drive its actuator to unlock the door, which then swings the door open so his pet can do his business in the great outdoors. We just hope no potential home intruders learn of Hunt’s trick to let his dog outside, or else Hunt could feel like a silly goose when he finds there are strange people in his home putting his bowling trophies into large sacks.

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