If you have the time to check out the short trailer of Saints Row IV above, then go ahead, and do so with an open mind. It basically tells you nothing much, but fans of the series will definitely not be able to get enough of it, that’s for sure. Apparently, there will be three trailers under the name “Hail to the Chief” that will be released later this week.

The one above is called the “Animal Protection Act” short, which is actually a follow-up to the “Saints Force One” trailer which rolled out approximately one month back. It is interesting to note that in this weird trailer, our President ends up crashing on terra firma while wearing, of all things, a cat costume. Yes sir, no black tie get up here, but something that is far more suitable for a Halloween event. Following that, he uses his smash power to act out a scene from “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids”, followed by making a sound just as though you were blowing bubbles with your mouth as you remain submerged. Ah, there is nothing quite like letting one’s imagination run wild, is there?

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