samsung_logoThe last we heard, Samsung was priming itself for a release of a smart watch known as the Galaxy Altius. It’s an odd name but it’s Samsung’s prerogative as to what they want to name their products, but it seems that perhaps the South Korean tech giant could be going for something a little more simple, something known as “GEAR”. This is thanks to recent trademark filings in which Samsung filed for the “Samsung Gear” trademark, and while its primary description pretty much makes the trademark applicable to just about any device under the sun, its secondary description was what caught the attention of the folks at Phandroid. According to the secondary description, the Samsung GEAR could be used to describe devices like watches, clocks, wristbands, and bracelets, which if we had to take a wild guess does seem to point to a smart watch-like device! Of course it is possible that Samsung is merely looking to protect its IP, but with the rumors of a smart watch making its way around the internet, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were true.

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