scientist-mouse-implantIt looks like there is no need for a telepath like Professor X in our reality to do the tricky job of memory implants, as there is always good ol’ science to fall back upon. It seems that scientists have successfully implanted false memories into mice, and this is made possible via optical fibers that have been inserted into a mouse’s brain activated memory forming cells. This will, in effect, implant false memories, although it is a pity that we do not have the likes of a talking mouse like Mickey to tell us that the false memories of Donald Duck getting down with Minnie implanted within are actually true.

This scientific team managed to make the mice wrongly associate a benign environment with a previous unpleasant experience, all from different surroundings, without the mouse actually being in such a situation. This development could very well be the key in shedding light on how false memories could have happened in the case of humans, although I do believe that it will take quite some time before that can happen. Hopefully this work does not mean that we will end up with false memories unwittingly.

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