implant-keysWhen it comes to body modification, there are many different kinds of methods and implementations, and most of the time, these involve sterile needles as well as some form of metal or another. However, implanting microchips into hands might be considered to be body modification experiments of the future. We have already talked about how a man embedded a Bitcoin wallet in his hand, and here we are with a Swedish lady who has gotten a microchip implant – not for wireless payment purposes, but simply because she does not want to carry her office keys around.

25-year-old Emilott Lantz from Umeå does not have a fondness for carrying keys around, and decided to implant a grain-sized microchip inserted in her hand last week. Of course, this will require plenty of thinking over, as there are many questions that would arise in the minds of the ordinary layperson. What is the battery life of this microchip, and what if you need to reprogram the code? Can it be done wirelessly, so that you need not perform a surgery each time the codes change?

Lantz, a worker at IT consultancy firm Codemill, shared, “I don’t feel as though this is the future. This is the present. To me, it’s weird that we haven’t seen this sooner.” Would you tread down the same path as Lantz?

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