selfhealingThe X-Men is a hugely successful comic book franchise, and one of the beloved characters would be Wolverine. Sporting a nigh indestructible adamantium skeleton and a healing factor that is the envy of many, will we humans ever be able to obtain such a healing factor somewhere down the line? Perhaps, as DARPA has just received close to $80 million of funding in order to research the possibility of enhancing the body’s natural self healing and immunity system. In other words, augmented humans that will be healthier and are able to ward off viruses and bacteria from causing havoc in their bodies at a far more successful rate than the average Joe on the street.

Apart from that, such an implant would also come in handy to treat mental health complaints, including the likes of post traumatic stress disorder. DARPA intends for this implant to be very small – so much so that it should not be thicker than a nerve fiber, making the implant process extremely convenience. The moment the implant is in one’s body, it will kick in, keeping track of your nervous system, organs and overall health, and counteracting anything which would upset the balance by triggering the right responses via electrical impulses. I don’t mind being a next generation human, actually. How about you? [Press Release]

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