nfc-implantImplants – these are extremely useful in helping prolong and improve the quality of life of someone. The thing is, they can prove to be rather costly. Some implants can control high blood pressure without the need for drugs, while others like brain implants claim to restore one’s memories, or an eye implant that might lead to more effective glaucoma treatments. How about implanting a tiny NFC chip within your hand? It is definitely not a major surgery, far from it, and hacker Seth Wahle claims that if you know how to get it done right, an NFC implant might even come in handy.

NFC, or other kinds of RFID technology, will mean that there is no need to implant batteries, since all the power required is provided by the device that “talks” to the chip. In the case of NFC implants, that would be a nearby Android handset, and in a demonstration, the implanted NFC will send a message to the smartphone that carries a link to a Web page which then downloads a file. Should the file be installed afterwards, an app which will connect to a remote server will then enable control of the device.

Sounds cool, but there has been no studies on the long term effects of such an implant affecting one’s health.

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