Sense+_Image1Smoke detectors are usually placed nearby a kitchen where open fires are typically found. It’s useful but at the same time, what if a fire were to be started in your bedroom, or the apartment next door? By the time it triggers main building’s alarm it might be too late for you! If you don’t like taking extra precaution, the SENSE+ iPhone dock could be of great interest to you, especially given the fact that the dock actually comes with a smoke detector built into it.

For the most part, iOS docks tend to be of the speaker variety, so having a smoke detector built into a dock is somewhat novel, but pretty useful at the same time. The dock can be placed on your nightstand and will play nicely with iOS devices that uses the Lightning connector. The dock also comes with an accompanying app that will call emergency numbers you program in it should the alarm go off. To top it all off, the SENSE+ will also be able to detect carbon monoxide alongside smoke. The dock is currently an Indiegogo project seeking funding so if you’d like to see it realized, hit up its Indiegogo page for the details.

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