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Silk Labs Wants To Give Your Home A Brain
Startup Silk Labs believes that all home should be smart, and hence, that would require homes to have a brain – and they intend to be there to fill this niche. Chief Executive Andreas Gal, who left Mozilla a couple of years back to co-found the company, shared, “We’re trying to make your house as smart as your smartphone.” Their maiden attempt would see the product known as Sense being […]

Sense Sleep Tracker Begins Shipping To Some Of Its Backers
Some of you guys might recall that back in July 2014, we reported on a sleep monitoring device called Sense. The device was launched on Kickstarter and blew past its initial goal of $100,000 and was meant to begin shipping to its backers in November, but unfortunately delays prevented it from going out on time.The good news is that if you have backed the device, you will be pleased to […]

Here’s What HTC Sense 7 Looks Like With Android 5.0 Lollipop
We do know that HTC is set to roll out the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system version update in the near future, so how will that release affect some of their compatible devices when that day happens? Well, YouMobile has managed to somehow pick up several leaked screenshots which is said to be of particular interest to Android owners who happen to carry either the latest HTC One (M8) or […]

Sense 6 Devices Get New Features With HTC Gallery Update
If you happen to be carrying the HTC One (M8) around, then you might be interested to know that Taiwanese company HTC has begun to roll out a new update to the HTC Gallery app, where users will now have the ability to adjust the UFocus intensity. For what seems to be the longest time, this has been a feature that many people have requested, since the UFocus function tends […]


HTC Sense 5.5 Screenshots Spotted
HTC first rolled out their Sense 5.0 user interface skin a good seven months plus back, and it goes without saying that it has been long overdue that a new version should be in the pipeline already. Apparently, someone has already come up with screenshots of the upcoming HTC Sense 5.5 user interface, which is obviously part of a leak, and there were tweaks included in the new and upcoming […]

SENSE+ iPhone Dock Comes With Built-In Smoke Detector
Smoke detectors are usually placed nearby a kitchen where open fires are typically found. It’s useful but at the same time, what if a fire were to be started in your bedroom, or the apartment next door? By the time it triggers main building’s alarm it might be too late for you! If you don’t like taking extra precaution, the SENSE+ iPhone dock could be of great interest to you, […]

HTC One X To Get Zoe And BlinkFeed With Sense 5.0 Update
The HTC One X which so happens to be the Android-powered flagship of last year from Taiwan firm HTC is said to be on the receiving end of the Zoe camera as well as BlinkFeed homescreen in the upcoming Sense 5.0 update that is coming its way. According to developer LlabTooFeR who so happened to tweet that the HTC One X ought to also be on the receiving end of […]

Unofficial Sense 4.0 arrives on Samsung Galaxy S2
Among all the Android-powered smartphones out there with an additional layer running on top of the standard Android user interface, many people claim that HTC’s Sense certainly trumps the rest of the competition – including Samsung’s TouchWiz. Well, I say that this is very personal, but for those who agree that HTC Sense remains at the top of the heap, you might be pleased to hear that HTC Sense 4.0 […]

HTC Sense 3.5 shown off on video
Last week, we were all treated to some screenshots of HTC’s latest overlay for Android – Sense 3.5. Well, today, the same folks who leaked the screenshots have shot some video footage this time around. While it’s not very clear, it is detailed enough to see how Sense 3.5 looks like, and some of the fancy new features it brings.The video shows Sense 3.5 demonstrated on the female-targeted HTC Bliss, […]

Gingerbread coming to ThunderBolt and EVO 4G
  HTC has been previously reported to have promised the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update for their Desire family of phones. Since this included the Desire HD, people wondered if this included other phones similar to the Desire HD. In an email that a HTC spokesperson sent to an enquirer about Gingerbread arriving on the ThunderBolt and EVO 4G, this has been clarified. The ThunderBolt and EVO 4G will be getting the […]

HTC Flyer shown off in a 6 minute video
The HTC Flyer, or HTC EVO View 4G on Sprint, has been given an in-depth video walkthrough by HTC, the creators of the Android tablet themselves. The tablet that was shown off at the Mobile World Congress and was given a hands-on preview by us last month, and now HTC has taken the time to show off what we can do with the upcoming tablet. The video shows off the […]

HTC Sense UI receives update, so what’s new?
With every new release of a software update, there are bound to be better stuff coming your way, although sometimes one can hit a snafu as well. Of course, fans (and non-fans alike) of the HTC Sense UI would be interested to know what’s new and coming their way, and here’s a quick look at the list. Apart from the new lock screen that makes things more efficient since you […]

Gingerbread with Sense 2.1 ROM on Desire Z and T-Mobile G2
For those of you who can’t wait for HTC to release the official Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update for their Desire Z/G2 phones, you can now take things into your own hands and get the job done yourself. The folks from VillainROM have just released a new Gingerbread ROM for the HTC Desire Z and G2. The ROM is based on the recently leaked Wildfire S ROM, so you’ll be getting […]

Use smells to make games more immersive
If you thought 3D games weren’t immersive enough, a couple of devices unveiled at the GDC last week should tickle your fancy. Scent Science and Sensory Acumen both showed off some devices that introduces smells into the world of gaming – the ScentScape and the GameSkunk. Despite being different products they both work similarly – boxes plugged into your console or PC that receive instructions to heat up oil cartridges […]