League-of-legends-logoDuring the course of online multiplayer games, there is a lot of trash talk being tossed around. For the most part a lot of it is said in jest and probably in the moment, but at the same time is there a line that we should not cross while trash talking? Well in the case of one Texas teenager, he has been spending the past few months in jail over a comment he made during a League of Legends game, which according to him and his parents was said in jest and was meant to be sarcastic.

Justin Carter was playing the game when another player made a comment to him, calling him “insane”. Carter replied, “Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts,” with the statement being followed up by Carter who said “lol” and “jk”, indicating that it was said in jest. However one Canadian woman who saw the post decided that maybe it wasn’t said in jest and coincidentally, Carter did stay near an elementary school and the lady decided it was prudent to call in the police.

Carter was arrested and has been in jail ever since, and with authorities charging him for making a terrorist threat, if he is found guilty, he could be spending the next 8 years in prison! Of course it doesn’t hurt to be safe than sorry, but do you think things were taken out of context and perhaps taken a little too seriously? Or do you think Carter crossed a line when he made that joke, especially in the light of recent events?

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