A team of researchers at the National Taiwan University have created a Wi-Fi enabled sensor that is embedded in the mouth. The sensor is capable of collecting data on daily habits such as eating and smoking, the current prototype reportedly has a 94 percent accuracy in collecting such data. The sensor is capable of differentiating between coughing, speaking, eating, smoking, drinking and breathing. This collected data can then be sent to a doctor.

For now, the sensor needs an external power source, but researchers are working on fitting an internal power solution. It can be embedded between two teeth or mounted on dental hardware such as braces. The sensor has to obviously be waterproof so as to avoid any damage, it also needs to be securely fixed to avoid the possibility of it becoming loose and accidentally being swallowed. Researchers are also working on adding Bluetooth support, this would enable doctors to download the data on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets easily. Right now, the current solution requires that all of the collected data first be uploaded to a server over Wi-Fi. [Image via The Verge]

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