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Bebop Introduces New Sensor That Caters For Wearable Smart Fabric Technology
Imagine a future where you will be able to literally wear technology on your sleeves. That particular future might be deemed to be here and now with the abundance of fitness tracking devices, but Bebop wants to take the idea one step further – through the launch of sensors that will help shape the future of wearable smart technology.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor Launched
Just when you thought that Sony is pretty content at where they are with regard to the consumer electronics world, here we are with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor that delivers real-time optimization of play across several tennis racket models, so that you will be able to improve on your game in the long run. The Smart Tennis Sensor has been specially engineered to work just fine, regardless of your […]

Goosebumps Measuring Sensor Developed
There are several times when goosebumps actually make their appearance – when you are cold, or when you feel a chill run down the back of your spine when you enter one of the reputedly haunted rooms or area, or when you are exposed to an unbelievable art piece or masterful performance. Perhaps those on a supernatural quest to film denizens of the underworld might want to take note that […]

Chicago To Get Smart Lamp Posts
Bustling cities have always drawn the general populace from near and far away in the search for a “better life”, so to speak, and it would help the city’s authorities to be able to keep track of things better and plan for the future if they were to gain a better grasp on the movement patterns of people, not to mention tracking other variables such as the air quality index, […]


Hi-tech Sensors Might Help In The Fight Against Obesity
The world is getting fatter on average, that is for sure. The thing is, what is being done in the fight against obesity? A wise man once told me, anything that can be measured, can be improved, and here we are with this bunch of hi-tech sensors which are said to be capable of measuring the amount of food intake as well as activity level, so that one is able […]

Tooth Sensor Collects Data On Your Daily Eating And Smoking Habits
A team of researchers at the National Taiwan University have created a Wi-Fi enabled sensor that is embedded in the mouth. The sensor is capable of collecting data on daily habits such as eating and smoking, the current prototype reportedly has a 94 percent accuracy in collecting such data. The sensor is capable of differentiating between coughing, speaking, eating, smoking, drinking and breathing. This collected data can then be sent […]

Stickers Could Work As A Cheap Wireless Sensor Network
A special set of inexpensive stickers could work in tandem to form a wireless sensor network.

Sharp Sensor Merges Gestures, Proximity And Illuminance Detection
Sharp's latest sensor merges many different functionalities into a single chip.

Parrot Flower Power Smart Wireless Plant Sensor - Demo
[CES 2013] We published about the Flower Power by Parrot when it was shown for the first time during CES Unveiled. Connected wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart to the iPad, the device packs several sensors that can measure sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer levels.Users can monitor their plants from their tablets using the Flower Power application that features a database of over 6,000 plants. Finding the plant you own is easy […]

Sensor for the naked eye detects early-stage diseases
Scientists from the Imperial College London were able to develop an ultra-sensitive sensor that will allow doctors to detect the early stages of diseases with their naked eye. The newly developed sensor, which is still a prototype, is reportedly ten times more sensitive than the current methods today. This allows doctors to detect the onset of diseases such as prostate cancer and other virus infections, and even HIV.Essentially, the sensor […]

Spectral Instruments’ 1100-series 112 megapixel camera is one of a kind
Special Instruments is working on a gargantuan 1100-series camera that has a 112 megapixel CCD and is reportedly capable of shooting photos of both the sun and the stars in broad daylight. Special Instruments, an Arizona-based company that builds cameras for scientific applications, reportedly cooled the chip to -100 degrees Celsius to eliminate “dark current”, thus allowing the exposures to last for hours while remaining crisp. Technically,  the term dark current […]

Paper sensor performs malaria and HIV tests
For those of us who live in the developed world, we hardly give two hoots about getting our blood test done at a lab, but in third world countries and the developing world, things are not that straightforward. Not only are blood tests expensive, it can also be a problem in getting them from testing sites to the lab. Just in case you didn’t know, there are still places here […]

Sony Handycam Lineup New Features
[CES 2012] Sony unveiled its new Handycam camcorder lineup at CES during its press conference. The Japanese manufacturer came up with some significant improvements on the image side, including an Extended Zoom, a 4X higher megapixels post- processing for still photos, more powerful sensors with higher megapixel counts across the whole lineup, and a very interesting new Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology that provides up to 13 times better stability than […]

Ben Heck develops proximity sensor for cyclists
Being a cyclist is the way to go if you happen to live in a city where everything is within close proximity, making it rather pointless to own a car and fight for parking downtown while running the risk of picking up an illegal parking ticket as well. Not only that, it helps keep the environment green, and you will get your daily dose of exercise – but there are […]

Microchip monitors cancer growth
Boffins over at Germany have come up with a new microchip sensor which is said to be able to monitor the growth of a tumor when implanted close to one. How does this microchip do what it has been touted to? Simple – it will be able to track oxygen levels in nearby tissue, capable of detecting whether a tumour is expanding or not. All results will be transmitted wirelessly […]

Drowsy drivers receive wake up call from NeuroSky
NeuroSky, a company from San Jose who deals with EEG headsets as well as other technologies that turn brain-signal readings into more practical use (as you can see in the image on the right), has come up with a sensor that will alert drivers should they start to nod off while they’re at the wheel – potentially averting the horrendous loss of life. Imagine sensors that are embedded in the […]

Hydrogel sensor implanted to measure blood glucose levels
Do you get all queasy whenever you need to measure your blood glucose levels, or are you numb to having needle after needle being pricked into your arm as a battery of tests are carried out? Well, perhaps there is no more need to see another needle in your lifetime if this research group from Japan got their alternate solution to measuring blood glucose levels working right – basically, they […]

Smartphones will soon be able to smell
While smartphones can pretty much do anything right now, there’s one thing it can’t do: smell. But according to some researchers, that may end pretty soon. Luc Van den hove, president of nanoelectronics research firm IMEC recently stated that we’ve reached a point where we can now build smell sensors small enough to be implemented into smartphones.Now why would anybody want smell sensors in our phones? Well, these smell-capable phones […]

iPhone 5 with Sony camera sensor? [Sony CEO leak?]
During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sir Howard Stringer (Sony’s CEO), mentioned that the tsunami would delay the shipment of Sony’s best camera sensors to Apple. The thing is, Sony isn’t known to supply sensors to Apple for current products, so it seems logical that Sony’s CEO was talking about the next-generation of Apple products, namely the iPhone 5. We’ve played with Sony’s latest and greatest Exmor R […]

Kinect used to create artsy music video
In one of the more creative ways we’ve seen a Kinect being used, is in this video project by the folks over at 1024 Architecture. They used the Kinect sensor to track the skeletal movements of a person moving, the replaced the tracked wireframe with some special effects, and then projected the special effects over the performer again, resulting in one heck of an awesome music video. Words won’t do […]