bebopImagine a future where you will be able to literally wear technology on your sleeves. That particular future might be deemed to be here and now with the abundance of fitness tracking devices, but Bebop wants to take the idea one step further – through the launch of sensors that will help shape the future of wearable smart technology.

In fact, Bebop lays claim to delivering the first thin smart fabric sensors that are capable of measuring different aspects of physicality, and by that, we mean the likes of force, location, size, twist, bend, stretch and motion. The BeBop Wearable Smart Fabric Sensor will be able to provide real-time reporting on force, x/y location, bend, twist, size, stretch and motion continuously, targeting various markets that will include clothing and protective wear, shoes, healthcare devices, athletic equipment, automotive, robotics, aerospace, gaming, biometrics, prosthetics, recycling monitors and appliance markets.

It does far more than just measuring physiology (EKG, EMG), electrical conductivity or breathing, as BeBop is capable of measuring actual physicality to sense and depict 3D maps of data. And it does so without taking up much space at all, being woven onto a single piece of fabric to enjoy greater sensitivity, resolution, range of deployment, and robustness. [Press Release]

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