tumblr-fixTumblr, the extremely popular blogging site has just issued an update after realizing that there was a vulnerability that came with the app, citing this particular update to be a very important security fix – at least for the iOS app. This security update will address an internal flaw, and it has been strongly encouraging iOS app users of Tumbler to install this update while performing a change in passwords on the site – in addition to other sites where you use the same password. Don’t read that sentence and think how strange is that – after you have a gazillion user accounts with passwords to remember, sometimes having a single password to cater for all those accounts make life a whole lot easier.

So far, it seems that this security flaw has not affected the Android version of the Tumblr app in any way, since no update for that app was released. This is a pretty fast turnaround for Tumblr, since it learned only the vulnerability on Tuesday, and has since worked hard to release a security update fix. Good job folks, hopefully other companies in a similar situation would be able to have a response time as fast as that of Tumblr’s in the future.

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