U.S. and China have both quarreled back and forth over who is the perpetrator of cyberattacks and who is the victim. It was back in October last year when a Congressional report stated that Huawei’s networking equipment could pose a national security risk for the U.S. Many people claim that Huawei might be linked to the Chinese government, which could use its infrastructure to launch cyberattacks. It seems the UK has similar concerns as well, it will review Huawei’s cybersecurity center in southern England, reports Reuters.

BT Group, the largest telecom operator in UK, has a multi-billion pound deal with Huawei which provides it with networking equipment. Huawei set up a cybersecurity center to test its equipment for security risks before being provided to BT Group. It was the British parliament’s security committee that urged the governement to review the center. Huawei says that it supports the review, and that it has the same goals as the UK government to raise the standards of cybersecurity in the UK. The company also denies any link with the Chinese government and repeatedly says that it doesn’t receive military or financial support from it.

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