cellphone-usage-worldwideJust how many people do we have living on the face of this earth? We are about to approach the magical 7 billion people mark, and according to the United Nations when they have rolled out its new Millenium Development Goals Report, where there are some pretty amazing figures contained within that concerns the mobile world. According to the UN, the cell phone adoption rate has been growing at such a fast pace that within the coming 6 months, we could very well see that there are as many cell phones hanging around the world as there are humans on earth.

Needless to say, this does not mean that everyone on earth has a cell phone, as those in developed countries will obviously have more cell phones per capita compared to the other folks living in the outbacks or somewhere in the middle of the jungle. The World Bank has data that states approximately 91 countries around the world averaged more than one cell phone per person as of 2011, with Macao and Hong Kong leading the way.

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