There has been a debate going on for the longest time already, where certain quarters claim that cellphones (and smartphones, of course) could be involved in the rise of cancer cases, since they might just be as carcinogenic as the pesticide DDT or gasoline engine exhaust – and that is the stand that the World Health Organization panel took after reviewing dozens of published studies.

“Limited” scientific evidence points to the radiofrequency energy that is released by cellphones being involved in an increased risk of glioma and acoustic neuroma (which are both cancers). The findings are not definitive, but it really depends on which side of the divide you stand on.

While scientists have debated long and hard concerning the potential cancer risk that is linked to cellphone use, the latest statement means that this is the first time an independent group of scientists has been more than just neutral.

Some people I know place their cellphone outside of the bedroom when they go to bed because of this possible risk, but for most of us, our phones have become so much an extension of ourselves, that we even use it as an alarm clock, greeting it the first thing in the morning instead of our spouse or pet. Would you change your cellphone habits if it was proved to be carcinogenic?

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