xiaomi-teaserXiaomi’s Facebook page is currently tickling your fancy at the moment, where a device cheekily hides behind a red curtain, and since there is no point of reference in order to make out just how large (or small) the device could be, the Facebook administrator for Xiaomi asked in a manner where Grammar Nazis would pounce on them right away, “Is it Xiaomi Pad? Or Xiaomi Smart TV? Or Xiaomi New Smartphone?” What we like would be the preceding sentence that mentioned, “Something NEW is coming!” which is rather obvious judging by the secrecy shrouding the upcoming device.

How about you? What do you think that this particular device would end up as? Most folks would claim that this is the upcoming Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone that will be the company’s new flagship, and while that has yet to be confirmed, it still is the most likely end result considering how anything else would be a real surprise since we have not heard of such rumors that mention otherwise. We do look forward to when Xiaomi would perform the full unveiling of this mystery device. [Facebook Page]

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