geekweekIn order to kick off celebrations of the upcoming Geek Week event, YouTube decided to introduce an Easter egg hunt – and it did so over its Twitter feed. Should your curiosity be piqued enough to have at least one feline life snuffed out, then you would have to decipher the rather cryptic 140 character clues. Of course, if you haven’t got a clue as to what all that (seemingly) gibberish characters deliver, then we have got just the panacea for you – all you need to do is enter “/ geekweek” (sans the quotation marks, of course) into YouTube’s search field and you will end up with a Unix terminal-style conversion. I suppose if today’s Internet connection had been as fast as in the early 1990s, then YouTube would most probably have looked this way. Plain horrible and wrong, and yet it draws users to it just like how moths are attracted to the flame before they are consumed. Do you like what you see, or would you have expected something better? I would say that this is a pleasant mid-week distraction for the masses, don’t you think so?

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