Our readers might recall that last week there were reports that Instagram went around and started to delete posts made by third-party Instagram apps, and Windows Phone owners probably suffered the most as the platform has yet to receive an official Instagram app. Instagram has since stopped doing that claiming that it was done in error, as opposed to done in spite to the Windows Phone platform and perhaps to show their good faith, Instagram has decided to grant at least one Windows Phone developer their legal consent for the third-party Instagram app, #6tagram.


Basically instead of sending out the usual legal letters threatening legal action, Instagram and #6tagram’s developer, Rudy Hyun, have come to a compromise where the app will be approved from a legal standpoint, and in return the app will also come with the title of “Supported by Instagram”, making it the first Windows Phone Instagram app to sport that title. Perhaps this is one way where Instagram can make its way onto Windows Phone without actually releasing an app of its own, although we’re not sure if this will interfere with their plans to introduce ads in the future.

Update – According to a spokesperson for Instagram, they have issued a statement say,“Third-party apps wishing to use our platform must do so within the terms of our public API.We have not selected a third-party developer to build an official or unofficial Windows Phone app.”

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