Last month Facebook introduced embedded posts. The feature allows users of the world’s biggest social network to embed public Facebook posts that they find compelling on their own blogs and websites. Embedded posts can contain videos, pictures, hashtags as well as other content. Initially Facebook only gave a few media organizations the ability to embed posts, these included the Huffington Post and Bleacher Report. Today Facebook has rolled out the feature for all of its users, which are well over one billion.


Visitors to a blog or website where a Facebook post is embedded will be able to interact with it. They’ll be able to follow the person who made the post, like it as well as read and make comments. Embedding a post is easy. Simply find a Facebook post that you wish to embed, hover the pointer at the top right hand corner of the post box, click on the arrow to reveal a drop down menu and then click on Embed Post. Facebook will automatically generate a code which just needs to be pasted on your blog or website. Only those posts which are public can be embedded, so if you’re posting things on Facebook that you would like to remain between selected people, this is yet another reason to tweak privacy settings before actually making that post.


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