apple-store-theftAccording to a recent report by Chinese website VR-Zone, it has been suggested that Apple is looking to open a R&D center in Taiwan. The report is saying that the reason behind the R&D center’s opening is so that Apple will be able to come up with new ideas and features for its next-gen iPhone amongst other Apple-related products. While Taiwan might seem like an odd choice for some, it is because it would put Apple’s R&D team closer to the manufacturers and suppliers of some of the components that Apple uses in their products, with a good majority of it coming out from Asia.

The report states that Apple will be looking to hire new engineers and managers for its R&D center next month, and positions such as Hardware Development Engineers, Panel Process & Optics Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Program Managers, Test Engineers, Software QA, Reliability Engineers, and more are expected to be filled. We guess it does make sense that Apple might want to be closer to their suppliers and component manufacturers, although somewhat ironic given that one of Apple’s partners, TSMC, has been rumored to open a chip fabrication plant in the US themselves.

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