Prior to unveiling the BlackBerry 10 platform in January, the Canadian manufacturer organized a few developer-focused events in order to get as many apps as it could for its nascent platform. Still most top apps that can easily be found on both iOS and Android are missing on BlackBerry, and there’s no doubt about the fact that one of the reasons BB10 has failed to take off is that most users are put off by the lack of decent applications. The company recently announced the formation of a special committee that is going to look into “strategic alternatives” for its survival, which might include partnerships, alliances or a sale of the company. As per a new report by Forbes, developers are likely to stay away from BlackBerry seeing as how it is now up for sale.

Citing iOS and Android as the top two platforms, by no means an overstatement, developers are now more likely to consider Windows Phone as the third go-to platform instead of BlackBerry. It was reported recently that WP has indeed passed BB to clinch the coveted third position in the global smartphone market. The report does seem to make sense, BlackBerry is now the lowest step on the ladder and might not serve enough value for developers to put their time and resources into developing apps for it. Ultimately its the company and the users that will suffer. From any aspect, things are certainly not looking up for the ailing Canadian manufacturer and the situation isn’t expected to improve anytime soon.

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