BlackBerry finds itself in a precarious situation. The company was betting on its new platform and devices to help regain some of its lost market share, but they haven’t been able to deliver. Last week BlackBerry announced that it had formed a special committee to explore “strategic alternatives,” these alternatives may include partnerships, alliances or an outright sale of the company. Most analysts are of the view that no one will buy BlackBerry as a whole, they believe that it will be broken up and sold in parts. Whatever the case may be, the Canadian government will be watching all developments very closely. Speaking with Reuters, Canada’s Industry Minister James Moore said that they wish the company well and are keeping a “close eye” on the situation.

Moore was asked if the government will have any issues with BlackBerry receiving a foreign bid and ultimately being sold to a foreign buyer. Reiterating once again that they’re paying close attention, Moore said that they want BlackBerry to do well, to keep putting out innovative technologies and platforms and “keep employing Canadians.” As of now there have been no reports of BlackBerry receiving a bid from any buyer. Recent reports from analysts suggest in the event of a sale, the company’s phone business may offer zero value to the buyer.

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