One of the cool features of BlackBerry devices in general that we wish most phones would incorporate, would be a LED light that blinks when you have a notification, which makes it easier and provides a more subtle way of informing the user rather than having to activate the phone just to check. Unfortunately when placed into a case, the notification LED can sometimes be hidden, which is why this concept case by Steve Purvey, a design intern for BlackBerry, is a pretty clever idea.

As you can see in the image above, this “peek holster” covers most of the phone, except for a small portion at the side that shows you what sort of notifications you have, i.e. email, text, missed calls, and etc. It also comes with a tiny cutout at the top right where the LED light can blink through, just in case you did not want to activate your phone’s screen to see the notifications. We have to say that this is a pretty awesome idea and not only is the case functional, it looks pretty sleek as well! Unfortunately like we said, it is only a concept and there’s no telling if BlackBerry will ever turn it into an actual product, but what do you guys think?

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