death-star-hologram“That thing’s operational!” is one of the more famous quotes upon discovering that the Death Star might not look completed, and yet it is already more than capable of swatting aside the MC-80 cruises aside like flies. Having said that, don’t you wish that holograms could have been invented so that they can see action in everyday use? Well, that is seemingly the case with the Star Wars Death Star hologram, as it was developed as a group project at the School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds, U.K.. Known as the POV Globe, it is capable of offering a vibrant and animated circular display that is housed within a glass globe, which more or less gives out the effect of a holographic image. This unique visual effect happens thanks to a ring of RGB LEDs which happen to rotate at 300 revolutions per minute.

Right at the center of this invention lies a Raspberry Pi controller that has been specially outfitted with a custom FPGA-based HDMI decoder. The moment the LED ring starts to gain speed, the image will be projected – sure it is not high definition, but it definitely is able to deliver one of the closest looks at a readily available hologram, just like the ones you would have drooled over in a science fiction movie.

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