Facebook announced recently that it has tweaked its News Feed algorithm so that users see more high quality content when they peruse their feeds at any given time of day. The social network says that its goal is to show people the right content from the right people at the right time, so users don’t miss the stories that are important. The latest update helps ensure that the organic content users see from pages they are connected is most interesting to them.


To understand how a post is deemed high quality, Facebook says that it surveyed thousands of people. They asked the users a number of questions, if they thought that content from a page was timely and relevant and if they would ever complain about seeing that content in their News Feed. Facebook explains that it used the results of this survey to build a new machine learning system which detects high quality content. The system judges quality based on thousands of factors. Facebook says that creating an algorithm to do all this is complex, and that the algorithm will continue to be refined as more feedback is received from users. Facebook advises Page owners to continue with their strategies, which should be to create good content and optimize for engagement and reach.

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