Being creative in this day and age is even easier than ever before, considering the number of options that you have on hand. The introduction of technology in the form of smartphones, tablets, digital tablets, and the ilk make the arts even more interesting. Enter this huge “piano” that you can see in the video above – where it was created by a Microsoft team in Germany who used a total of 88 Surface RT tablets. Each of these tablets were specially programmed to play just one key (talk about overkill!), where this massive digital “piano” is the coolest musical instrument on the block at the moment.

It just goes to show how versatile that Microsoft’s tablet can be when it has been specially repurposed in a manner that one would not have expected in the first place. Of course, those with longer and more reliable memories will be able to recall the situation a few months back when Microsoft displayed their Windows 8 operating system that ran on an Asus tablet, poking fun at the iPad for doing something as ostentatious, touting the iPad to be nearly a toy compared to the real man’s tablet which runs on Windows 8. Karma can return to bite back, hard!

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