At some point in our lives we’ve all formed a frame with our fingers and have taken an imaginary picture or acted as a hot-shot movie director. Imagine if it became possible to actually record a video or take a picture using just those gestures. There’s a new design project that does just that, by putting a camera and microphone in your palm. Though its just a concept, not something that you’ll be able to pick up in the next few months. Made by Francesca Barchiesi as a graduation thesis, the Hand-Tech camera glove concept has the ability to not only record video or take pictures, but also the ability to project images, measure and exchange different types of data as well as translate sign language.


Wearable technology definitely seems to be the next frontier. Google is already makes waves with its Glass, a number of other big name companies are reportedly working on their smartwatches. Perhaps something like the Hand-Tech glove might become possible in the distant future, but it is immediately not achievable given today’s technology levels. Still, the concept offers a glimpse of what the future might hold and how differently we might do things as compared to how we do them today.

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