ipad-review-2012-04The iPad has been a phenomenally successful tablet, although it does seem to star to run out steam lately as its competitors play catch up in terms of market share, slowly but surely. Still, it continues to be a highly desirable piece of hardware, and the human mind never ceases to amaze as we read on how the more nefarious brains intend to cheat their fellow mankind. While a previous case involved actual apples being passed off as an iPhone, this time around, tricksters have inserted ice cubes in parcels, insuring them as iPads, hoping to collect the insurance money when the non-existent “iPads” are not delivered.


Nathan Meunch and Nigel Bennett are the two lads who hatched up this plan, but I guess they would now be in the hall of infamy, as Elaine Sloane, a lady at the post office in Telford, U.K., shared, “I just happened to say to the gentleman: ‘Is it raining outside?’ and he said yes. But it seemed strange to me because I could see from where I was sitting it didn’t look like it was raining.” Meunch’s jacket showed some spots that were damp, resulting in Sloane discovering that the parcels carried nothing but melted ice cubes that resulted in dampness all over.

Having been found guilty, the two men were slapped with a 12-month community order, in addition to spending 150 hours working in court.

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